As part of the Certification activities and our long-term commitment to development of Electric Flight, Pipistrel showcased the Alpha Electro at the EASA Headquarters in Cologne.

On 29-30 November 2017 Pipistrel’s Alpha Electro occupied the courtyard of EASA Headquarters in Cologne. Besides the airplane, team Pipistrel brought the powerful 45-minute charger mobile and permanent charging station, capable of charging two Alpha Electros at the same time.

With the airplane and chargers on display, this was an excellent opportunity for EASA experts to familiarize with the product, its features and capabilities. Additionally, Tine Tomažič phd, Director of Pipistrel R&D, spoke about the importance of electric flight and technology as well as regulatory gaps on course to Type Certified electric aircraft of conventional and new configurations;
and Paolo Romagnolli, Pipistrel’s R&D Flight Test Engineer, did a presentation about the “Challenges of design and certifying electric aircraft”.

Pipistrel is thankful to EASA for appointing a large certification team to the Alpha Electro project and their readiness to type-certify novel technologies.

First EASA social media images of Alpha Electro on Twitter:

Pipistrel would like to thank EASA for hosting us;  and Mr. Tomažič and Romagnolli for representing our company and our products so well.